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As some of you may realise, Sunday 9th July this year was the 50th Anniversary of the end of steam on the Southern Region.

What better way to celebrate this occasion than to take a nostalgic trip back in time by purchasing a copy of Geoff’s latest self-published book 'The Ramblings of a Railwayman - 2nd Edition'.

This A4 sized hard-back book containing 196 pages is packed full of stories and anecdotes and is also generously illustrated with over 300 B/W and colour photographs of the times that Geoff worked at Guildford Motive Power Depot (70C) as an engine cleaner and fireman between April 1961 and July 1967. 

On the final day of steam,Geoff also had the good fortune to be a fireman on one of the last locomotives to leave Guildford Depot on their way to Salisbury before meeting their end under the cutter's torch at Barry, South Wales.

Some of the pages present previously unpublished photographs taken by Peter Trinder, the late Dave Salmon and Richard Greenwood MBE.

Alternatively, in his second self-published book ‘Further Ramblings of Railwaymen’, Geoff has written stories relayed to him by eleven of his work colleagues: Pat Kinsella, Dave Salmon, Alex McClymont, Brian Davey, Roger Hope and Eric Hern from his own depot and other men from depots across the Southern Region.  Many of the photographs included are truly unique as they come from the contributor’s exclusive collections.

Should you prefer Southern diesel and electric traction,Geoff’s third book 'Rambling Railwayman's Recollections' might better suit; this covering his working life after steam's decline.

Working as a secondman at Woking, driving days at Effingham Junction and Woking MT (Mixed Traction), Instructing days at Waterloo South-Side Training School and South West Trains Operational Training Centre at Basingstoke.

This A4 sized hard-back book containing 300 pages is also generously illustrated with B/W and colour photographs of that era.  

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    50th Anniversary - End of Steam on the Southern

On the 9th July 2017, to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the closure of Guildford’s Motive Power Depot (70C) and the end of steam on the Southern Region a plaque was installed at the entrance to the Farnham Road Mult-Storey car park.

The design is very similar in style to other plaques placed at historic points throughout Guildford and will be a fitting tribute to all those who worked at the depot (engine shed).

One of the etchings on the plaque shows two Class 700 locomotives on the Old Pit and another shows U Class 31633 departing Guildford with a Redhill service. Both are from photographs taken by Richard Greenwood MBE in 1961.
The other etching is from a photograph taken by the late Guildford photographer David Salmon and was actually taken on the final day, 9th July 1967.  USA class tank No. 30072 was the last locomotive to leave the depot.

Bill Moore, Geoff Burch, Richard Greenwood MBE and Pat Kinsella at the unveiling ceremony.

The Ramblings of a Railwayman-2nd Edition Further Ramblings of  Railwaymen Rambling Railwayman's Recollections
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